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What are the top 4 qualities of a squash coach?

In our opinion the top 4 qualities of a squash coach are:

1. Knowledge of the game: A good squash coach should have a thorough understanding and practice a continuous learning of the rules, techniques, strategies and trends of the game.

Squash Coach: Knowledge

2. Communication skills: A squash coach should be able to clearly explain and demonstrate the general approach, the techniques and provide constructive feedback to players. A good understanding of the player mother tongue is often an advantage.

Squash Coach: Communication

3. Open-minded: Squash, like any sport, can be challenging to learn and master. A good coach should be patient and willing to work with players of all styles and backgrounds. Multi-cultural exposure can be beneficial to the coaches’ understanding of people differences.

Squash Coach: Open-Minded

4. Ability to motivate: A good coach should be able to motivate and inspire players to improve their skills and reach their potential. A positive mindset, energetic and friendly behavior will go well along with honest feedback.

Squash Coach: Ability to motivate

We do our utmost to live up to these expectations and believe that our head trainer, Roman, brings a lot in this respect. What is your experience with squash coaches?


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