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Camps & Individualized Training Programs

Looking to take your squash game to the next level? Our camps offer a one-of-a-kind experience that combines holistic, systemic training in all aspects of the game - cognitive, mental, physical, and technical. Plus, each camp is tailored to specific needs (Individual improvement or groups dynamic) to help you achieve your goals.

We offer two types of camps:

1- "Serious Squash" - individual camps for young players that are aiming to seriously improve their squash level

2- We also offer tailor made programs for players who want to stay 2-8 weeks with us. If you're interested in an individual training camp, please contact us for details via email or WhatsApp.

Individual Camps: Serious Squash

These individual camps cater to a diverse range of young players, including European juniors seeking US scholarships, US college players looking to elevate their game for the upcoming season and young professionals aspiring to reach the PSA Top 100. It offers a platform to enhance skills and gain a competitive edge.


Poster with Cognitive, Mental, Physical and Technical Squash skills descriptions

- Our personalized squash camp is unique in that it is highly individual (not a general group approach) and that it takes a holistic approach to player development. (Click to enlarge the picture for a taste of the program)


-    Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and personalized program, for 5 days ½. Experience a game-changing transformation and skyrocket your squash skills.

-    To download the Serious Squash Camp Leaflet, please fill in the form (This is NOT an automatic newsletter subscription link. You submit your email only to receive the pdf download link)


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In conclusion, Squash Systems Academy Barcelona offers a unique training experience for squash players looking to take their game to the next level. The academy provides individual and groups camps tailored to specific player profiles, including individual camp for young players. In addition, individualized training programs for players interested in longer stays are also available.

With comprehensive and personalized training, players will experience a game-changing transformation and achieve their goals. Contact Squash Systems Academy Barcelona for more information and to join a camp or a longer individualized training program.

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Our facilities are located at

DIR Esportiu Rocafort

C. de Floridablanca 41

08015 Barcelona

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