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Keeping Squash Players Motivated

How do we keep our pro players motivated during and in between squash training sessions?

Firstly, for each single training session, our head trainer set clear goals and expectations for the players. We communicate these goals and expectations in a way that is easy to understand, so that our players know what is expected of them.

Keeping pro squash players motivated: Clear Goals

Then, we provide regular feedback and support: During and in between our training sessions, we praise their efforts and provide constructive criticism when necessary. We offer encouragement and support to help them overcome challenges and setbacks.

Keeping pro squash players motivated: Feedback

And above all, we document everything: We believe in keeping track of our pro players' progress to help them stay motivated and engaged in their squash training. Not only do we write down each training session program, but we also input tangible results of the player during the training, quantified and comparable whenever possible. Afterwards, the player inputs their feedback on each and every session, and we elaborate on it in writing.

Keeping pro squash players motivated: Documenting everything

This "goals and feedback written files" approach is like a personal diary and a great way for our players to visualize their progress over time. We share these files online with them, which include the yearly and monthly objectives, an activity calendar, a description of the exercises, and a few more tools related to mental and technical aspects.

Keeping pro squash players motivated: Personal Diary

By keeping track of our players' progress and regularly sharing it with them, we empower them to take ownership of their own development and cultivate a professional attitude based on transparency and accountability.

Our approach not only supports their sense of accomplishment but also encourages them to continue improving and striving towards their goals.

If you are a pro player or an aspiring junior looking for a training approach that prioritizes clear goals, regular feedback, and progress tracking, here we are!


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