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Interview Squash Player Ambre Allinckx

Interview with Ambre Allinckx: Her Journey and Training Evolution at Squash Systems Academy.

Welcome to our latest video, where we sit down with rising squash star Ambre Allinckx, the flagship player of Squash Systems Academy Barcelona. Ambre has already made a name for herself in the world of squash, climbing to an impressive No. 68 in the PSA ranking before she was 19. However, her journey faced a setback when she suffered an injury in 2021.

She has been back to training since August 2022 and has made some changes to her training since then. When returning to competition her ranking had dropped to 300, but by January 2023 she had climbed to N° 106 on the PSA ranking.

In the 1st part of the interview, Ambre opens up about her recovery journey and the changes she made to her game to come back stronger. She also discusses the impact of her coaches, @emmanuelcrouin in Toulon (France) and her brother @rom.allckx in Barcelona (Spain).

In the second part she describes how the systemic approach has helped her to improve her training and her game and explains how this approach can benefit other players as well.

At Squash Systems Academy Barcelona, we are super happy and super proud to have Ambre training with us.


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