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Interview Roman Allinckx Squash Systems Head Trainer

In this exclusive interview, Roman shares his personal journey as a squash player, training in various setups across Europe and Egypt. He delves into the differences between these two regions, specifically focusing on the physical aspect of training.

Discover why and how Roman adopted a systemic approach to training that interconnects the 4 aspects of squash - cognitive, mental, physical and technical - in all training sessions. And learn from his mentor, Emmanuel Crouin.

Roman explains the main benefits of this approach from a trainer's perspective and emphasizes that it is not just based on the trainer's own experience, but rather a dialogue between trainer and player, creating tailor-made training sessions that continuously evolve.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, not from but together with, one of the most innovative and dynamic trainers in the industry and join Roman's trainings and camps in Barcelona, whether you're a pro PSA player, an aspiring talented junior, a competitive individual or a group.

Don't wait, start your journey to becoming a better squash player today!


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