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Squash Training: Forehand Volley Improvements in Slow Motion

Here are three key-factors for your Forehand Volley:

Positioning: Ensure that you’re not too close to the ball, as this can force you to compensate with your technique or wrist movement, leading to inaccuracies. Focus on maintaining the correct positioning and executing proper technique.

Diversification: When hitting a Forehand Volley, you have several options, such as Kill, Lob, and Drive. Varying your shots can help keep your opponent off balance and give you an advantage.

Cognitive Awareness: Stay aware of the ball’s trajectory and don’t get fixated on it.

If you wonder why you shouldn’t get fixated on the ball or you’re interested in more tips and advices on how to improve your game, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can start with some classes.


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